Family treatment

We strongly believe that dental care is important for all members of the family, from young children through to those in their 80s and beyond.

For young children, emphasis is placed firmly on preventive care – helping the children to acquire good oral healthcare habits that will help them to keep smiling with confidence for life.

This focus on preventive care continues throughout the family. We encourage all our patients to visit us regularly. Our dentists carry out a thorough examination, checking for signs of decay, gum disease and other conditions, including mouth cancer. At your hygienist appointment, your teeth will be professionally cleaned to remove plaque, a constantly forming, sticky layer of bacteria that can cause gum disease.

Even our older patients, who may have few or no teeth of their own left, need regular dental care. This is to help ensure that their gums stay healthy, and that their dentures are comfortable and function well.

For more information on how to care properly for your teeth and gums, please ask during your next visit to our hygienist. They can show you how best to clean your teeth, including between them and under the gum line. They will also be happy to discuss other oral health issues, including diet and smoking.