Holistic dentistry

At Cathedral Dental Practice, in Portsmouth, UK, we have a different approach from many other practices in the UK. We treat our patients holistically – treating you as a whole and looking at every aspect of your oral healthcare and how it affects your everyday life.

The mouth, teeth and their supporting structure are a very important aspect of general health and problems in the mouth can be very significant in contributing to other health issues. This is increasingly being recognised by health professionals and the public alike.

Your smile can affect your daily life. If you don't like the way it looks, or are worried about bad breath, your self-confidence may suffer. Gum disease is now proven to have links with heart disease, and jaw joint problems can cause headaches, migraines and neck, shoulder and spine pain. In such a case it is possible to have a patient be seen by a team of Orthopaedic and Chiropractic practitioners where working in conjunction with Josef and Katalin, the bite level can be corrected with a whole mouth restoration whilst correcting the patients spine alignment.

Result after whole mouth restoration in anatomical correct position of the vertebrae.

Conversely, your lifestyle can affect your smile – an unhealthy, sugary diet can cause decay or dental erosion, and stress can cause jaw clenching or grinding, leading to head, neck and shoulder pains.

This pain can also be caused by TMJ, short for "temporo-mandibular joint", which is the joint connecting your lower jaw and your skull. The movement in this joint lets you open and close your mouth and chew from side to side. For further information, please also see our description on the page headed "Specialised treatments".

We look at every aspect of your health and lifestyle, and do our best to help you to lead a healthy life and have a healthy, happy smile.

Amalgam (PDF)

Amalgam removal, we follow the IAOMT guidelines. For amalgam and fluoride issues, please see the IAOMT website iaomt.org.

Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart

A brief description of the Meridian Tooth Chart

The Meridian Tooth Chart is based on acupuncture meridians, pathways of energy that span across interrelated body parts, glands, and tissues. Each tooth is associated with a particular meridian, through which energy flows. Dentists familiar with the Meridian Tooth Chart are often able to assess patients' general state of health and wellness simply through a review of the oral environment. If a weakness in a particular system or organ exists, the condition of the tooth associated with that area could exacerbate the problem.